Mental Health

Learning to drive is a landmark moment in the lives of most young people. It represents a new found freedom, and really opens up the a whole new world outside of their normal routine. From visiting new places to just going to grab a burger with friends, having access to a car makes a massive difference to your options.

While some people are natural drivers and take to it quite quickly, other people really struggle to get to grips with driving a car. There can be many reasons for this, but one of the most common things is people becoming nervous behind the wheel. This can be challenging to overcome for many people, but using a few simple techniques you can relax when taking your driving lessons.

The first thing to do is find a driving instructor that you are comfortable with. This can be the difference between progressing quickly and overcoming your nerves, or continuing to struggle. A good driving instructor will put you at ease, help improve your confidence and encourage the good habits you’ll need to pass your test.

Overcoming nervousness behind the wheel is often a gradual process, so working on improving your confidence one aspect of driving at a time helps improve your overall confidence. If you struggle with changing gears, make that your main focus until you get it right. Once you’re confident you have mastered it, try working on any other weak points you feel you have. Over time, you’ll become much more self-assured when you’re driving.

Having a set routine can also help you to build confidence and help you to prepare mentally for your lesson. Take some time to relax before heading out, get your car set up so you feel comfortable with every aspect of your environment, and stick to familiar roads for the first few miles.

Everyone learns and grows at a different speed in all aspects of life, and driving is no different. Get a good instructor to help you work on your driving confidence and you’ll pass your test in no time!